The Foodtruck Spisevognen rolls out everywhere

The foodtruck Spisevognen can roll out any where and any time.

Need a workshop for a corporate event? The Spisevogn is there. Need a caterer for your wedding at the beach or a stand for a pop-up restaurant in your backyard? Look no further than The Spisevogn! We can cook for you and your friends in a fun and different way no matter where you are.

In The Spisevogn we merge the best from all kinds of street kitchens into new and different dishes with a little bit of edge and a lot of love. With inspiration from the USA, Asia, South America, South Africa and Europe; we make world food at street level in our innovative rolling kitchen.

The Spisevogn comes with everything! No need to worry about shopping for extra flatware or service, we’ve got it covered.

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