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I am a creative freelance food stylist, a recipe and product development consultant and workshop creator for companies in the food industry focused on enhancing their products and marketing strategies.

There is an art to food styling that is expressed through appetizing tableaus. Excellent food styling can be inspiring with the use of new and surprising compositions of foods.

Food styling can move market shares

Food styling is not only about making food look appetizing and fresh. It is also about giving inspiration and a visual twist to the currently known uses of raw materials and traditional recipes.

The right recipe combined with creative food styling can inspire and renew the interests of consumers and raw material providers. As a chef and food stylist, something I consider every time I take on a new styling project is “how can my creativity and knowledge move my clients’ businesses forward?”

Inspiration and partnerships

Interest in food trends, flavors, colors and curiosity is essential for success as a food stylist. From Skagen to Sydney, I find daily inspiration and knowledge through my travels all over the world.

With a large network of photographers, writers and editors; I can provide my clientele access to the perfect team on any given project. Contact me for further information or to book a meeting.

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