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I’m in collaboration with Soneva Fushi. Building the vegan restaurant Shades of Green in their organic vegetable garden. We want to tap into the global movement that places an emphasis on fresh, organic, and local produce as being important for a healthy lifestyle, while also being a climate-conscious choice in keeping with Soneva’s values.

  • Vegan organic plant-based
  • Nordic cooking techniques
  • Cultivating Umami
  • Vegan kitchen

A vibrant plant-based food experience celebrating the Maldivian home grown organic produce of Soneva Fushi, and the flavors of Southeast Asia utilizing Nordic cooking techniques to intensify flavors and cultivate Green Umami. 

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Shades of Green Menu

The menu celebrates the garden and the season revolving around colours (red, green, yellow), green umami (the fifth basic taste) or around one vegetable prepared in multiple ways. Exploring ingredients though the colours.

  • Yellow - Turmeric - Mango, Pineapple, Oyster Hat
  • Orange - Maldian Pumpkin - Yuzu - Kumquats - Marigold Flower
  • Red - Watermelon, Pomegranate, Chili - Tomato - Seaweed
  • Green - Spirulina, Pandana, Morning Glory - Holy Basil
  • Purple - Shiso - Aubergine - Yam - Figs - Potatoes
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Six courses

Each menu has six courses with dishes falling under cleansing, crispy, raw, grain, fire and sweet. There will also be a cold press of the day, flavoured lemonade, fragranced iced tea, and cocktails. Examples of menu items include aloe vera nam jim, red quinoa porridge, and screw pine fruit lemonade.

Soneva Fushi Press

For further information about the Soneva Fushi Shades of Green project, please contact

Terry Dehdashty
PR and Social Media Manager
Marketing & Communications
19/F Two Pacific Place, 142 Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok 10110, Thailand
T: 66 (0) 2631 9698 | F: 66 (0) 2631 9699 | E: media@soneva.com | www.soneva.com

Slow Life Magazine Soneva Carstem Kyster

The Secret Flavour of Gardens

Shades of Green, set in a organic garden, is the brainchild of Danish chef, Carsten Kyster.

20 of the world's best new restaurants for 2020

Located on a small island off the coast of Thailand, Colours of the Garden takes diners on a vegan culinary journey through four parts of the country, each with their own distinct taste profiles and produce.

Intriguingly, the team led by Danish chef Carsten Kyster also incorporates Nordic cooking techniques and cooking methods, including fermentation and pickling.

The result is a menu of seven plant-based dishes that celebrate organic fruit, vegetables and herbs, much of which is grown literally within arm's reach.

Diners begin their visit with a walk through Soneva Kiri's garden, where three small dishes are served as finger food, before the main event kicks off.

This could mean a take on the classic Thai curry Khao soi, but made with baby corn, enoki and sour mushrooms instead of the traditional chicken. Desserts may include ice cream with aged pineapple, mango pudding and fragrant galangal.

Colours of the Garden restaurant at Soneva Kiri 
110 Moo 4, Koh Kood Sub-District, Koh Kood District, Trat 23000, Thailand; +66 (0) 3961 9800

Chris Dwyer, CNN • 3rd February 2020


The barefoot luxury resort of choice for celebrities including Madonna, Paul McCartney and the Beckhams, it’s no surprise that Soneva Fushi’s dining options are among the very best in the Maldives.

Choices on this private island include sushi restaurant So Hands On, an eight-seat private dining space developed in a partnership with three Michelin-starred Japanese chef Kenji Gyoten.

And then there’s Shades of Green. As the name suggests, the focus is on plant-based cuisine and diners begin their tasting menu by chef Carsten Kyster with a tour of Soneva Fushi’s extensive gardens, where snacks are hidden amongst the foliage.

The bounty of produce surrounding diners is then crafted into five impressive gourmet courses.

CNN Travel

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